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Input Monitoring mystery –

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Input Monitoring mystery –

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Logic Pro X: Input Monitoring not Working - Apple Community.Logic: How to disable live microphone playback? - Music: Practice & Theory Stack Exchange Click here to Download

Logic Pro X monitoring not working but only with new inputs? This is a really bizzare problem I cannot figure out. So I have a Focusrite 2i2 plugged into logic. Works great no complaints usually. Today I cannot get NEW inputs to work? What I mean is if I open a song with tracks already recorded, I can click on them and play and I can hear the output monitored in headphones. If I add a new track that one will not play through output.

However it picks up and records just without monitoring. Input monitoring in Logic Pro X is pretty straightforward. It allows you to monitor the input source of incoming audio into Logic Pro X. This allows you to do a number of things, such as practicing parts before you record them, set up plugins, dial in software amp settings, etc.

There are times though when input monitoring in Logic Pro does not work as one would expect. Input monitoring allows you to hear your audio signal from an external source, e. This differs from direct monitoring because the audio is feed from your audio interface directly to your studio monitors or headphones, completely bypassing your DAW and computer. Another difference is that there will be zero latency when monitoring a source directly, whereas input monitoring may introduce some latency.

The input monitoring button will turn orange when enabled. You should now be able to hear the audio coming into Logic from your audio interface. By default we can only monitor one track at a time in Logic.

So to get past this limitation we need to enable some settings in Logic so we can have full control over monitoring our inputs. If there are other options you wish to enable, then check them as well. But for our current purposes, this is the only step we need to take. With this box checked, it allows you to monitor incoming audio in Logic Pro X, including any plugins you have active on a given track. Unless you only wish to monitor via your audio interface, you generally want to leave this box checked.

Input Monitoring for Focused Track Before, when I said that by default you can only monitor one audio input at a time, this is why. In order to monitor multiple inputs at the same time, this is the box that you need to check.


Logic pro x input monitoring not working free


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    Nov 02,  · This is generally due to settings that need to be enabled in order for input monitoring to function beyond a “bare basic” mode. Input Monitoring Defaults in Logic Pro X. By default, input monitoring in Logic Pro X is pretty basic. You highlight the track you wish to monitor, activate the “I” button beside the “R” button just below the fader for the selected . If I add a new track that one will not play through output. However it picks up and records just without monitoring. Creating a whole new song same problem, old songs, same problem. I've reset my computer unplug the focusrite. My auto input and software monitoring are both checked also, again monitoring works right on previously created tracks. Sep 03,  · Hi everyone, In Logic Pro X auto input monitoring isn't working for me. In order to hear what I am playing I have to have the input monitoring button selected on the track. I have software monitoring selected in the preferences so that isn't the problem. I have experienced this on two macs. I thi.

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